Five qualities that girls need to have in them to become successful Birmingham escorts

In current time many beautiful girls in Birmingham choose to become escorts with their will. They prefer to join the Birmingham escorts industry in because they get an easy job, good money, popularity and excitement as well. But not all the girls can get become very successful Birmingham escorts. They need to have some specific … [Read more…]

How To Flirt

Women are less comfortable with physical contact from an opposite-sex stranger than men … “that’s a nice watch, it looks great on you”. Roger that. How do I seal the deal? Simple, with a clear request: “Could I have your phone number?”

10 Ways To Have A Better Sex Life

Since sex education and sex positive advice is kinda my thing, pay attention, dear reader, because I have some life-changing tips for you. As I said, communication is insanely important when it comes to having a great sex life. If you’re thinking …