5 types of women who “psychologically castrate” their men

Many women wonder what is happening to their man, why he began to want to communicate less, lost interest in the family, in intimate life, and generally began to procrastinate ~ London

Usually, women begin to blame only men for this situation, saying: “He has become completely insolent, does not want to earn even more, he loves me less, probably at work he has a mistress, we have no sex at all, he does not like me, with him something is wrong”. But few women think about the fact that it is precisely their daily behavior that leads men to the so-called psychological castration.

types of women and moreIt is important for both man and woman to be respected, but it is in men that this need is especially strongly developed.
For a man, respect is the recognition of his value and masculinity, his independence and strength to solve current problems in family and life. But if a woman herself wants to stand “at the helm” of the ship, then she should not be surprised that she will remain the captain either until the end of her life, or will sail alone. Because her man will either surrender and give her completely the reins of power, or go to a woman with whom he will close his need for respect.

Some types of women mercilessly “castrate” men. Psychoanalysts call this “woman’s castrating behavior.”

“Castrating behavior” of a woman deprives a man of his strength, and he becomes a weak-willed weakling, who is popularly called henpecked. Such men are very passive, their eyes are constantly sad and when someone mentions the name of his wife, his mood changes and his posture weakens. The gait changes to shuffling steps, his whole appearance suggests that he is tired. Tired of being afraid that he has done or will do something wrong, that he will not guess what his wife wants, that he will have to make excuses again for something. To be afraid that because of the dissatisfaction of his wife and his lack of self-confidence, she will find herself another man and this will be another blow below the belt for him … But once this relationship was completely different.
So, read carefully about the types of women that contribute to the psychological castration of men and, if you find yourself in them, make a decision to change something.

Woman controller
A woman of this type sets the goal of her life to change her husband. She does not want to notice the mistakes behind herself so much, because she is afraid to realize her imperfection, that to teach, instruct, control her man becomes her favorite thing – “I am perfect, so he should be like that.” Usually such a woman refuses to hear her man, she only persistently teaches and says what can and cannot be done. The man next to her constantly feels like in prison next to the warden. He has to endure her and agree with her, since she does not give him a chance to conduct a dialogue. A woman – a controller, in comparison with a Woman – a mother, is distinguished by her directivity and a tough assessment of a man’s personality. She lives from the position that he should understand, accept and listen to me. She is scarce in positive emotions and words of support. In such women, men often begin to abuse alcohol, their intimate life is reduced to zero. The danger lies in the fact that such a man, at the time of alcoholic intoxication, becomes very aggressive, both in life and during sex.

Advice to a man.
If your spouse has started a long monologue with teachings, try to turn the conversation into a constructive dialogue at the very beginning of her tirade. Change the usual script for your conversations. Deep down, this type of woman will be rebuffed. Because most often such women were traumatized in childhood by parents who were oppressive towards her, and she unconsciously “plays out” this scenario on you.

Types of womenAdvice to a woman.
Try to understand that your man is an adult with his own life experience. Write on a piece of paper the areas that you don’t trust your man and try to talk it frankly with him. Perhaps, having heard his point of view, you will understand that he has everything under control and does not need additional control.

The woman is the mother.
A common type of woman in our modern times. Psychologically, she castrates her man in the same ways as the Controller Woman, only, in addition to advice and admonitions, she also tries to do something for the man. Her obsessive care, turning into annoying control, makes a child out of a man. A child unable to solve problems on his own. For example, when the kettle breaks down, the wife says: “Dear, the kettle is broken, we need to make it,” and at the same time she opens the u-tube and watches videos of how the repair is going on, and then: “Dear, I saw how to do it, I sent you the link do as it is shown there, otherwise you will make more wisdom, ”and so on. These women will always feel good if they are aware of everything that happens in their husband’s life. Of course, the relationship of such couples is bad, the husband often deceives, does not say anything,

Advice to a man.
Talk to your wife about the topic that you are not satisfied with this kind of concern, that you are more comfortable when you are perceived as an adult, independent person. Outline clear personal boundaries that your wife shouldn’t cross.

Advice to a woman.
Analyze your childhood, it is possible that your mom also controlled your dad. Ask yourself the question, “What am I afraid of? What in my husband’s behavior reminds me of the similarities in my parental family? Analyze everything and try to separate the image of your man from the image of the person whose behavior scared you.

Pro woman
Self-sufficient, successful, intelligent woman. Communicates with her man from the position “I am the smartest and I am always right.” Often she seeks to impose her point of view on a man through humiliation of his mental, physical, and professional abilities. Her unhealthy “pride” leads to the fact that a man moves away from her, avoids communication, often goes to friends, has a mistress and absolutely does not feel sexual attraction. Her directive and imperiousness makes a boy out of a man who cannot make a decision himself and be proactive.

Advice to a man.
Often such women are waiting for constant approval from others. As a child, she lived in a rigid framework where praise was scarce. If you tell her more often that she is worthy and clever, then you will quickly close her need. And she will not have to make up for it with an onslaught. Remember that inside her there is a constant struggle with her only enemy – herself.

Advice to a woman.
Try to loosen the reins and see in your man a leader, an intellectual, a unique personality. Believe in his abilities, talents, intelligence. Find interesting topics to discuss where your man will do.

Woman rival
Usually this is the same type of woman as the Pro Woman. Successful and self-sufficient, only constantly telling how she is tired of this “male” life, how tired she is of living in the “male world”, where every day she must be a winner. The “masculine” world of such women is not only at work, but also at home. Competitions in any area at her not only at work, but also at home. She is unhappy with her husband and dreams of a “strong man” who will “work” for her and then she will relax and loosen control. Her ideal man is a superman, invulnerable, ideal in all relationships. If she does not see these qualities in her man, then she quickly becomes disappointed and begins to get angry. Her competition is an unconscious proof of her fear – “he is weaker, and therefore not perfect.” The paradox is that such a woman will still compete with a man and will never find her ideal,

Advice to a man.
Try to enter the role of “daddy” and try to show her power, controlling, directing her. If she lets you.

Advice to a woman.
Write a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Pay attention to weaknesses, study them and think about which ones need masculine strength. For example, if you are afraid of heights, then it is important for you that the man is not afraid of this. Or – you are afraid of the dentist, then it is important for you that your man is not afraid of him. You need to realize and accept that you can be vulnerable, and by realizing this, you will experience tremendous relief.

Woman child
This type of women is insidious in that for men they are the weakest and most incapable of making decisions on their own little girls. They often behave like a child: they get offended, cry, are capricious, and at the same time, to the question “what happened”, they try to answer in the standard way: “You know yourself” or “Guess”.
She expects from a man that he possesses extrasensory qualities and always guesses her mood, thoughts, feelings and in general everything that she desires. At the same time, she herself does not know what she wants. Her talent – injecting her man into constant feelings of guilt – undermines their relationship. He begins to feel insecure due to the fact that he cannot solve the problems of his woman. Such a woman rejects the masculine principle, since most of all she sees a parent in her man.

Advice to a man.
Try to ignore your woman’s whim. It is almost impossible to guess her desire – this is the same as seeing a black dot on a black background. Give her more Male love, not parental love.

Advice to a woman.
You need to understand yourself. Learn to feel your needs and discuss them with your partner.

Let me draw your attention to the fact that we are talking about an imbalance in a relationship when a woman is too dominant. And since the relationship in different couples cannot be the same, then the ways of solving problems will be different. Therefore, I recommend contacting a psychologist whom you trust.

In conclusion, I want to list a few points that contribute to psychological castration:

– public humiliation of a man’s physical and mental abilities, which occurs along with domestic humiliation;
– neglect and devaluation of his advice;
– jokes about “manhood”;
– depreciation of his work and income level;
– expressing distrust in his masculine strength, or rather, that he cannot cope with the task on his own;
– manipulations and constant notations expressing your dissatisfaction;
– unfounded jealousy, followed by interrogation to the point of moral exhaustion;
– seeking help from another man, explaining this act with the phrase “you don’t understand this”;
– comparison with the former and emphasizing its shortcomings;
– the constant distribution of advice when you are not asked about it;
– suggestion to a man that he is not good enough at anything;
– flirting in front of his eyes with other men.

Dear girls, understand that the psychology of a man and a woman is absolutely different .
If you want to maintain a relationship, then study not only what the woman wants, but also what the man wants. Do not forget that we all come from childhood where there are many problems with our psycho-emotional state. If you want a vivid relationship, stable sex, then start transforming your life with yourself. If it doesn’t work out, contact a psychologist who will help you figure it out.

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